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Once Upon A Time Season 4 Elsa’s debut promo (Youtube version)

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"Knock, knock. Mr. Criminal?"

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I love Deadpool!!


I love Deadpool!!

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O U A T  M E M E
[2/8] outfits - belle in 3.15

Rococo kodona, anyone?

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In the midst of all these feelings about people not realizing disorders/disabilities aren’t assets, I have somewhat good news. I MAY schedule a non-Equity audition with a theater here. It’s probably fate as I was mistaken for one of the performers there a while ago, plus if I don’t do anything now (As I haven’t had a role in a long time and I haven’t auditioned for a few months) how am I going to get ahead?

I’m not expecting to be cast (Though I did send my headshot and resume a while ago to the same theater), but I do need to get out there.

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Peter is a fan of Andrew Garfield and Toby McGuire.


Peter is a fan of Andrew Garfield and Toby McGuire.


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I think I’ve been in a pretty bad mood…

Maybe because I’m getting sick and tired of people thinking disorders/disabilities are positive…they’re NOT. There was nothing positive about how I was treated in school. There is nothing positive about how others treat you differently in a bad way once you tell them.

Why do I not embrace them? Because I never asked for it in the first place. I never asked to be pushed under the rug. I never asked to be subjected to people who thought they were helping me by denying me experiences.

I’ve worked very hard to be like everyone else because I know I deserve to be treated like everyone else. Being isolated and written off is no way to live. I find more value in pushing back and fighting than being happy about something that is a problem. And I have to agree with others that feel this way…as someone once said, it’s like being happy about having a flat tire. It’s a problem that can be fixed, but the naive don’t see it’s a problem that CAN be fixed.

My disorder never made me a more emphatic person. It didn’t make me creative. It just caused more barriers that have made me work harder. And you know what? A lot of people think I fit in just fine. We all have issues. Trying to put a good face on it doesn’t help much. It’s like a bandage on the problem, not a real solution.

If I believed it was an asset, I don’t think I would think I had much to offer. I’d be too afraid to enter the outside world. I had watched this biopic about a guy with tourette’s and his mom took him to a support group, but they left as NONE of them were wanting to fit into society. But I think the point is, this guy was pushing back. He was doing something he worked hard for, even if people weren’t giving him a fair chance (And let’s face it, it’s not something easily controlled like I have) and fortunately some people didn’t care.

I think we need society to see that exploiting and patronizing aren’t helping. Equality, empathy and fairness are what are really needed for acceptance. Don’t shame us because some of us know it’s a dangerous way of thinking and that we know we can change ourselves for the better.

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Gummi worms are incredibly popular, so I’m not sure why my line of gummi chiggers didn’t take off.
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JigglyPuff’s expressions

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In regards to my rant from earlier, I can honestly say I am glad a character like Jane Boolittle was introduced.

I sort of have social anxiety that stemmed from various situations and I’m trying to figure out how to get over it. And if you’re not familiar with “Monster High”, she’s spent much of her life in the jungles and is not used to civilization. Which IS overwhelming for her. So much that she had taken to hiding in the catacombs for the first few episodes she was in. And the best part is that she DOES make an attempt to get out there later on.

You see, I get pretty sick of seeing confessions about “I identify with character x as I have the same disorder/disability” but some of these characters were either not meant to be written that way or aren’t someone that tries to make an improvement in their lives. Or worse, the confessor doesn’t think they can make an improvement in their lives. Now why can’t we see more of these stories where someone overcomes these things? I have more respect for someone that overcomes a hurdle or knows very well who they are despite society telling them they have to be one thing. It certainly tells me to keep going, but I wish others would realize that their way of thinking things can’t get better is damaging.

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