10-16: I have fifteen days until Halloween to get my Gobby costume done...of course, I hope work won't be TOO much of an interference...
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I look younger than I am, plus I'm looking to break into acting. Currently in N. IL, but I want to relocate. Single, Cancer, Horse
Movies, video games, acting, cosplay, sewing, fashion doll collecting, Japan and UK aficianado
Things I'm into at the moment
Dane DeHaan, "Spider-Man" (the movies and the musical)

I fail to see how a TV show that goes out of its way to make a kid with a mental disorder look like he can never fit in with everyone else be more realistic than one that doesn’t make it the focus of their main character who has fought for her career and other things.

I would go for the latter because I sure as hell didn’t ask for one and I will NEVER let it be the thing that defines me…and shame on the media for failing to see that and the people who are crazy enough to think it’s a good thing.

I’m gonna ask you guys to put this in my ask box…

What words would you use to describe me to another person?


Promos with Jim Carrey and Aidy Bryant are on their way? Allllllllrighty then.

@emiliederavin: #Dumb&Dumber2 #Fun #vancouver :)))

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Reasons why I love Ichabod

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I’m not really sure how I feel about these. I’ll have to see better pictures!  I assume the doll on the bottom left is Briar? It’s kind of hard to tell from this picture. She and Cerise both look really pale. Also this explains the Cedar with pink hair on Taobao.

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Honestly, not a fan of the plastic belt thing at least judging from this.

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